Sunday D-492
I had to do the laundry today. What a gloomy Sunday. It has been rained since yesterday.
You went back to your parents house today, so I was left alone in the apartment.
I started to realize that I become depends too much on you. Without you, my day is getting longer and longer.
When will you be back? I miss your silly smiles

cleaning freak


That was one of the day when the upper apartment bathroom got a leak problem that affected our bathroom as well. At first, I didn’t notice. so did you.  When we started to realize it, the mold had grown all over the bathroom ceiling. I remembered when I woke up that morning, I saw you standing there, looking up that damaged ceiling with your opened mouths.

You went to work, I called the landlord and he told me to clean up the mold for him because it needed at least 24h to dry out and he was out of town today. He said that he would come back tomorrow and get it painted for us.

NYou came back us, saw me with the chair in the tub. I was trying to rub off all the molds. With my hair tied up and my mask on, i somehow look liked “someone”. You started laughing at me, said that i would be perfect role for cosplay as Levis Cleaning Freak version because of my height and my enthusiasm when I were rubbing the mold off.


I sulked because she, one again, mocked about my height. Even though we were together, i didn’t feel comfortable whenever she mentioned how short I was. I was afraid about I wasn’t the perfect one for her.

But that girl knew me better than anyone else. Sawing my expression, she putted my mask down and kissed me passionately. When I started to slowly put my hand under her shirt, she stopped and then just left. Just left.